System Configuration for Vyos Router

System Configuration for Vyos Router

By saying, System Configuration for Vyos Router, we mean giving access to users on the vyos router system to carry out admin and operator duties. The admin duties on the vyos system includes been able to do everything that the vyos router has to offer, from viewing all show commands to configuring ssh, dhcp, vpn and so on.
The operator, however, is only able to view some show commands. However, the vyos documentation states that the operator level is insecure and as such, it is recommended that no one uses it.
So in this guide, “System Configuration for Vyos Router”, we will concentrate on creating an admin user for the vyos system. This is a very simple and straightforward guide.

System Configuration for Vyos Router

If you had followed along in our vyos series, you will have noticed that the default username and a strong password we created earlier is what we have been using. This is not the desired way to use the system. It is advised that another admin account be created and given access to the system.
To achieve this simply run the command
#set system login user username full-name “Your Full Name”

Next, grant the user a level of admin with the command:
#set system login user username level admin
make user an admin
Now, give the user a password with the code:
#set system login user username authentication plaintext-password yourpassword

This password will actually be hashed and encrypted, so you have little to worry about.
Now do a #commit
Run the command to view your configuration
#show system login

The result should be as shown below.

Now attempt to connect to your vyos system from another system using ssh. You should have access with all the features for an admin user.

That completes this guide.

Note: Some of our users have expressed their desire to configure passwordless login to ssh using public key authentication method. I will look into this and update as soon as possible.

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