Zentyal Instant Messenging Server Guide

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Instant messenging has been around for quite some time and it is very important for the day to day running of many businesses today. There are a lot of solutions out there to take care of the communication needs of an organization. However, we will focus on using zentyal instant messenging server in this guide.

Previously, we learnt how to install zentyal as a domain controller serving the small and medium businesses.

We also learnt how to use our zentyal server as an email server for linux users and windows client.


Instant messenging has to do with sending someone an instant text message, but this time, using specialized software so that the person sees the message in real time or instantly and can reply immediately. Usually, the software alerts you when someone is online and you are able to transmit messages back and forth in real time.

Assuming you already have your install of zentyal, and now want to enable your organization to communicate in real time and to resolve issues faster, follow the zentyal instant messenging server guide below.

The first thing to be done is to login to zentyal dashboard and click on software management and then zentyal component. This step is necessary because we do not already have the instant messaging feature on our zentyal system. We therefore need to install the module onto our system.

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Zentyal Server As Active Directory Domain Controller

zentyal active directory server

In this guide, we will dicuss the procedures to install zentyal as a domain controller. Zentyal can be used to carry out some native Microsoft active directory functions. We do not in any way endorse one product over the other. Just as we mentioned in the onset, this zentyal active directory has been used by the author. Therefore, the guide is just a documentation of the authors work.

In our previous guides, we learnt how to install Microsoft Server 2012R2 as our domain controller. We also learnt how to install OCS Server as a domain controller.

In this guide however, we will install and use Zentyal 5.0 commercial edition as a domain controller for our business. Feel free to take advantage of any Zentyal edition you find available including the open source version….

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