How To Manage and Monitor Squid Proxy Traffic

how to manage and monitor squid proxy traffic

In the previous guide, Squid Proxy Server Setup Guide, we learned about the importance of squid proxy in a network. As such, we installed and configured the squid proxy to test its functionality. There is no gain saying that it finds extreme purpose in our network.

However, there was something in our setup that looked awful, and that was, going through the access log and cache log files to view details of users activity and traffic statistics through our squid server. It is worth stating that it is very inconvenient to manually check log file and analyze traffic in this way.

As a result, we are going to look at a more convenient way to analyze traffic in this “How to manage and monitor Squid Proxy traffic” guide. We will explore theseĀ  3 basic options:

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SSH Server Installation and Configuration on Ubuntu

ssh server installation and configuration
Telnet is a well known protocol that can be used to remotely access the console of a router. The problem, is that telnet transmits data(passwords) in plain text. So, any body sniffing in your network can easily get your password. Simple! Next comes Secure Shell(SSH) to the rescue. SSH encrypts data transfer, making it very secure.
In this SSH server installation and configuration guide, we will install OpenSSH – a set of tools or programs that use the ssh protocol on our Linux router.
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Zabbix Server Monitoring Solution-A Step by Step Approach

Zabbix server Monitoring Solution

Zabbix is a robust, full-featured, open source network monitoring solution for the enterprise.Itt is scalable and best suited for the small, medium and large scale enterprise. It can be used to track and monitor the status of different network services, processes and servers. It can poll and trap data, send notifications to users about a certain problem the monitored device is experiencing, and it can calculate triggers. It can monitor hundreds of thousands of devices absolutely free.
Today, we are going to install zabbix server monitoring solution using a step by step approach.
First up, we will install all the prerequisites for zabbix server.


You will need to first install ubuntu server 16.04 using this guide.
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